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★ タゲリ ([personal profile] hyearts) wrote2010-08-30 06:27 pm
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Before I start, I want you to know, that I like all of you, we wouldn't be friends on the first place if I didn't. You're funny, nice and good people. But, I'm feeling like my flist it too big to really be a good friend. And I've always been a person who preferred smaller circle of friends to a big one of not-so-close ones. And it doesn't help that I'm a lazy person and it takes real effort to be friends and I just don't have it. So, really. It's mostly my fault.

But let's be honest here. With some of you...we don't really interact much, right? It saddens me a little, but it's only natural that we go our own way at some point of the time. Our fandoms don't match anymore, we scroll down our posts, etc.

There are also couple of people...we don't comment on each other posts too often, either, only occasional comments, from both parts. But I just can't imagine not having you on my flist, you've been on it for too long. Or you are juts to awesome for me to cut you ♥

To whom I cut: I really wish you all, all the best, you really are awesome people and I'm happy that we interacted, even a tiny bit. ♥ ♥ ♥

(if you think I made a mistake PM me or leave me a comment, I doubt though that after I cut you, you'd like to be back. I wouldn't.)

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